Economy & Jobs

Before being elected to Congress, Stephanie Murphy was a successful businesswoman with the real-world experience. As an executive at a business advisory firm, she advised small and large companies on growth, particularly women- and minority-owned businesses. She is also a successful innovator and entrepreneur herself, holding a patent for a sports clothing design.


As someone whose family immigrated to this country when she was only one year old, public education was the reason Stephanie was able to succeed. Her parents worked blue collar jobs during the day and cleaned office buildings at night so their children could have a better life. As a result, Stephanie and her brother are the first generation in their family to graduate from college, which they afforded through scholarships, Pell Grants and student loans.


Stephanie has consistently been a strong advocate for our environment, for clean air and water, and for smart investments in green energy that both reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and make energy more affordable for Florida families.

Good Government

Stephanie is frustrated by the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington, which is why she’s working to hold Congress accountable to the American people. Our elected representatives aren’t getting anything done for the American people because of petty politics. Stephanie is fighting to change that.

Health Care

Health care costs continue to be one of the biggest burdens on families and seniors in central Florida, which is why Stephanie is working to help bring down the costs of health care for families, seniors and businesses.


Our immigration system is completely broken, which is why Stephanie is calling for a comprehensive immigration reform plan that starts with securing our borders. As a refugee and immigrant herself, Stephanie also understands the important contributions immigrants make to our nation.


Stephanie has become a national leader of issues important to Israel advocating that America use all of its tools – diplomacy, economic assistance, and security cooperation – to deepen our strategic partnership with Israel and continue the U.S. tradition of leadership in Middle East.


Stephanie believes a stronger America means confronting the threats abroad without blinking and without undermining our values. It also means protecting Americans here at home by tackling gun violence and supporting our law enforcement community with the resources they need to keep our schools and communities safe.

Seniors & Veterans

As Baby Boomers begin to retire, we are seeing a rapidly growing senior population in Florida and America. Stephanie believes it is our responsibility as a society to protect and empower seniors and veterans and show them the respect they have earned. In particular, she is working to ensure seniors and veterans feel welcomed and appreciated here in Florida.

Women & Families

As a wife and mom, Stephanie believes in the importance of family and of creating a better future for our children and grandchildren. She knows that families are stronger when children have good schools, parents have good-paying jobs, and seniors have good health care. If we are truly going to restore this nation’s middle class, then we must start by strengthening families.