Health Care

“Health care is an individual human right of every American, not a special privilege reserved for the select few.” – Stephanie Murphy

Quick Notes

  • Stephanie will work to ensure every American has access to quality, affordable health care.
  • Stephanie believes we should preserve what works in the Affordable Care Act and fix what needs improvement.
  • Stephanie has introduced a bipartisan plan that will lower premiums for working families and small businesses.
  • Stephanie will protect Medicare from privatization and is fighting to allow Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices.

Health care costs continue to be one of the biggest burdens on families and seniors in central Florida, which is why one of Stephanie’s top priorities is to help bring down the costs of health care for families, seniors and businesses.

And, at a time when women’s health care is under attack in Washington, Stephanie is working to protect access to women’s health care and protect women’s rights to make their own private health care decisions free from government intrusion.

For too long, partisan politics have crippled our ability to have meaningful, substantive discussions on health care reform in this country.

While the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect and should be reformed, it has helped countless families. It has allowed people with pre-existing conditions to find affordable health care and young people to stay on their parents’ plan until they are 26. It’s reduced the costs of health services for women, prohibited health insurance companies from canceling your coverage when you get sick, ended lifetime benefits caps for people with major illnesses, and extended maternity coverage for women.

Stephanie strongly opposed Republican attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and President Trump’s attempts to undermine the law, all of which has led to increased premiums for Americans.

Stephanie is working with Democrats and Republicans to improve the law and to continue to find ways to decrease costs and increase access to health care across our country. As a leader in the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, Stephanie worked with her colleagues to develop a plan that would:

  • Keep insurance premiums affordable;
  • Cover chronic conditions;
  • Unburden small businesses;
  • Repeal the medical device tax; and,
  • Make it easier for states to innovate.

Finally, Stephanie is fighting tooth-and-nail to protect Medicare for our seniors, standing up against Republican attempts to privatize the program, raise the eligibility age, or to cut benefits, and she is working to allow Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices.