Good Government

“I’m fed up with politicians putting politics ahead of solutions, and it’s time for a change. Central Florida families deserve a voice in Congress who will fight for them – not a political party. By working together, we can make our communities safer, our families stronger, and our future brighter.” – Stephanie Murphy


Stephanie is using her real-world experience to get results in Washington – working with both parties to grow the economy by cutting bureaucratic red tape, investing in small businesses to create good-paying jobs, making sure there is equal pay for equal work, and balancing the federal budget.

Stephanie believes fixing Washington starts with Congress. It’s why she has called for cutting Congressional salaries and for introducing a bill that requires Congress to pass an actual budget every year or they don’t get paid. She also supports a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget.

It is past time to get control of our deficit spending and for Congress to resume regular order. Last-minute, self-inflicted budget crises and debt ceiling battles destabilize our markets and make it impossible for businesses and federal agencies to plan for the future. That’s why Stephanie has helped introduce “No Budget, No Pay” – a bill that simply says if Congress doesn’t do their job and pass a budget and all appropriations bills on time, they don’t get paid until they do.

Passing a budget on time – and then holding spending to that budget – is the only way we’re going to stop runaway deficit spending and start balancing the budget. By forcing Members of Congress to do their jobs, we will bring certainty to our country and to the markets, and the American people won’t be subjected to manufactured budgeting crises or pointless government shutdowns.

Stephanie also believes there is too much money in politics, which is why she is working in Congress to pass comprehensive campaign finance reform that forces Congress to actually listen to the American people – not the lobbyists lining their own pockets.

Stephanie is proudly endorsed by End Citizens United and supports a constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which opened the floodgates of dark, special interest money that is damaging our political process and preventing Congress from actually getting results for American families.  She is also a strong advocate for more accountability and transparency in our political process and will fight to take the reins of government back from the special interests.