“By protecting Florida’s natural resources, we not only preserve our beautiful state for generations to come, but we also protect our economic way of life and the jobs that come with it.” – Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie is a strong advocate for our environment, for clean air and water, and for smart investments in green energy that both reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and make energy more affordable for Florida families.

Stephanie is fighting to protect our coastal economies in Florida, which rely on clean oceans, attractive beaches and healthy fisheries. As an avid fisher herself, Stephanie wants to ensure her children will always be able to enjoy the same beautiful lakes and coastal waters that other Florida families have enjoyed for generations.

Stephanie is part of a bipartisan coalition in Florida that strongly opposes additional oil or gas drilling off our coasts, and she will fight to end taxpayer subsidies for large oil companies while closing unfair loopholes for the fracking industry that allow them to skirt environmental law.

In order to reduce oil consumption across our nation, Stephanie is pushing for a 21st century transportation bill that increases investments in more transportation choices, such as public transit, rail, biking and pedestrian access.

Stephanie is also working to increase investments in alternative and renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. These investments not only reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but they also help create 21st century “green collar” jobs right here in Florida. That’s why Stephanie is building support in Congress to permanently extend the wind production tax credit and the solar investment tax credit.